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CashTracker has already identified a significant number of client duplicate invoices and we are still counting*.


Did you know that up to 2%* of total invoicing value can be duplicated?

In Cashtracker’s first trial with a large Australian Stock Exchange listed organisation, we uncovered more than $2 million of duplicated invoices.

Do you know how much time your team spends chasing up duplicate invoices with your vendors?

CashTracker enables you to block duplicate invoice payments, before they are processed.

Do you know how much time and money you are spending on 3rd party services?

CashTracker reduces reliance on costly audit services, and eliminates time lag between discovering duplicate invoices.

*Duplicate Payments and Duplicate Vendors: How to Identify All of Them; Christine L Warner, Automated Auditors LLC
*$2 million in first client trial with large ASX listed organisation


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